June 9, 1994
Vol. 13, No. 20

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    Caption: Medline in operation

    Brenda Rice, a bibliographer in the reference department at Crerar Library, instructs a student in using MEDLINE on Ovid, a National Library of Medicine data-base index of 3,200 journals in medicine, nursing and dentistry, dating back to 1966. The data base is accessible to University faculty, staff and students through computer terminals at the Crerar, Regenstein and SSA libraries or through Telnet client programs on the campus computer network. For detailed information, consult "MEDLINE on Ovid: A Brief Guide" or "Ovid Search Software User Guide-Unix" on the University's Gopher Server (UCInfo) or obtain a printed copy at Crerar Library, Room 143. For more information, call 702-7720 or e-mail MedlineHelp@mail.lib.uchicago.edu.