March 31, 1994
Vol. 13, No. 14

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    Construction project under way on quads

    The University has begun a three-week construction project on the quadrangles to solve a persistent flooding problem in the basement of Jones Laboratory.

    Storm drains from Jones Laboratory are being rerouted from Ellis Avenue to the quadrangle driveway, which can handle excess drainage. The driveway will be open to traffic for the duration of the project, although it was closed Tuesday, the first day of work, when the first section of the new sewer line was installed.

    "Persistent flooding of the Jones Laboratory basement during periods of heavy rainfall has been a chronic problem every spring and fall for a number of years," said Lynn Bender, Director of Facilities Planning & Management. "By rerouting storm drains from Ellis, which is currently overworked, to one in the quad driveway, which has excess capacity, we will ensure that research projects in the building will not be affected by flooding during future storms."

    Spring-quarter classes and ongoing research projects in Jones Laboratory will not be affected during the construction.