March 10, 1994
Vol. 13, No. 13

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    OED now on network

    The complete Oxford English Dictionary, second edition (OED2), is now available on-line on the campus-wide University network.

    The dictionary contains almost 300,000 entries and includes detailed etymologies, current and past definitions, and extensive literary citations. Users of the OED2 on-line can conduct simple word searches or do more complex searches for specific elements within an entry, such as cited authors, quotations, etymologies, languages and dates of usage.

    Access to the OED2 is available on UCInfo (the University gopher server) and at Academic Information Technology public computing sites in Usite and in Crerar and Regenstein libraries. Client programs are available for both Macintosh and Unix computers. For those with Unix accounts on the AIT Sun cluster, the OED2 can be searched by typing "ox2" at the Unix prompt. Macintosh users can install the OED client on their own machines. The Macintosh OED client is available from the AIT AppleShare server Room Service on the campus network. Further information about accessing the OED2 on-line and instructions for searching the ox2 version are available on UCInfo, and print documentation is available in Regenstein Library.

    The OED2 on-line has been made available to the University community by Academic Information Technologies and the University Library. For additional information about the OED2, call the Reference Department in Regenstein at 702-4685 (ref2@midway) or the AIT Techline at 702-3111 (advisor@midway).