Feb. 3, 1994
Vol. 13, No. 11

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    'Ecolympics': Students compete to reduce waste

    UCRecycle, Residence Halls & Commons and the University Environmental Center have created "Ecolympics" to encourage students to reduce waste at the University. The 11 undergraduate residence halls are competing against each other to decrease students' energy use and garbage production and to increase their recycling.

    The competition, which began Sunday, Jan. 23, will continue through Saturday, April 9. Each week of the competition will focus on a different type of energy use or recycling participation. At the end of the competition, the results will be compared with figures from 1993. On Earth Day, Friday, April 22, the residence hall that has improved the most since 1993 will be declared the winner and awarded a prize, such as exercise or computer equipment, for use by students in that residence hall.

    The 10 categories in the competition are: electricity (week 1), newspaper (week 2), glass (week 3), nonrecyclables (week 4), mixed paper (week 5), cans (week 6), steam (week 7), plastic (week 8), cardboard (week 9), volunteering (week 10). Since the final category is one for which no records are kept, the University Environmental Center will schedule service activities such as park cleanups and energy audits for that week.

    Each week, student coordinators in the residence halls will exhibit new educational posters highlighting one of the 10 categories of the competition. In addition, students may attend Environmental Center discussions that correspond to the highlighted category of the week.

    For more information, call UCRecycle at 702-3415. The Environmental Center has an Ecolympics hotline at 753-0545 with tips on winning the Ecolympics; a different tip will be offered each week during the competition.