Dec. 9, 1993
Vol. 13, No. 8

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    Health information available on University computer netwo

    Health information is now available through the University's computer network. Anyone with access to the Gopher information server can access the University Health Service's Health Infoline, a resource on health issues ranging from nutrition to sexually transmitted diseases to the common cold.

    "We want people to be able to get health information from a variety of sources," said Manisha Maskay, Assistant Professor in Clinical Medicine and Director of the Nutrition & Health Education for UHS, who developed the concept. "We're aiming for health education, and providing information on-line allows people to get answers when they need and want them. Eventually, we will have a bulletin board as part of the service, so we'll be able to answer questions, too."

    At the present time, the Infoline provides users with all the information that is currently available at the UHS in printed form. The Infoline provides immediate availability as well as anonymity for anyone with access to the University network system. Most of the residence halls have this capability, as do the public computing sites.

    Maskay stresses that the Infoline is not meant to be a replacement for health care. "It's health information, not health care," she said. "We absolutely do not want people to use the Infoline instead of seeking help. We're simply providing another way for people to get information."

    To access the Health Infoline, open Gopher and wait for the Home Gopher Server to appear. The Health Infoline can be found in the Campus Resources folder on the Home Gopher Server. Materials are categorized by topic. For more information, call Carmela Vargas at 702-9771.