Nov. 11, 1993
Vol. 13, No. 6

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    Annual United Way charity campaign kicks off this month

    The University launches its annual Campaign for the United Way/Crusade of Mercy and Other Charities this month. This year, the University hopes to raise $240,000 for charitable organizations.

    In a letter to the University community (see page 2), President Sonnenschein encourages faculty and staff to contribute to the campaign.

    "For many in our community, the line between making ends meet and struggling for survival is precariously thin . . . [B]y giving to the United Way and other charities, together we can make a tremendous difference in the lives of our neighbors," Sonnenschein said. Last year's United Way and Other Charities Campaign raised a total of $226,000.

    Through the University's United Way/Crusade of Mercy and Other Charities Campaign, faculty and staff may support any charity they choose, including the more than 400 United Way agencies as well as any other established charity.

    The Chicago United Way/Crusade of Mercy is an independent organization governed by local volunteers. More than 90 percent of the organization's funds go directly to people in need in the Chicago area. Through area agencies, support is provided to the poor, the homeless and the ill, as well as to day-care programs, alcohol and drug abuse counseling and many other services.

    Details on how to contribute to the campaign will be mailed to University employees. Options include lump-sum donations and payroll deductions. With the Trendsetter plan, designed for first-time donors, individuals contribute $1 per week. With the Leadership and Leadership Plus plans, individuals can contribute a specific percentage of their monthly income.