June 11, 2009
Vol. 28 No. 18

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    PSD graduate students honored for teaching skills

    The winners of the 2009 Physical Sciences Teaching Prize are Justin Caram, Chemistry; Christopher Meyer, Physics; and Vipul Naik, Mathematics.

    The prize, which is awarded annually to graduate students in recognition of exceptional teaching in undergraduate physical sciences classes, consists of $750 and a certificate of recognition.

    “This year, the Physical Sciences Collegiate Division received enthusiastic and thoughtful letters nominating more than 20 candidates for the 2009 Physical Sciences Teaching Prize,” said John Frederick, Master of the Physical Sciences Collegiate Division.

    “The nominations received for this year’s award winners pointed to their reputations as excellent teachers, to their willingness to devote extra time and effort to interacting with students, and to the energy they brought to the classroom,” he said.