May 28, 2009
Vol. 28 No. 17

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    Scavvies take the games to whole new level of sport

    Photos by Beth Rooney
    Marc Amante, center, releases his “weapon” toward a target in the “Aboriginal Games,” one of several events held during the Scavenger Olympics at the University, on Saturday, May 9.
    The annual Scavenger Hunt Olympics take the games to a whole new level of sport—Scavvie sport, such as the horseshoe spoons competition at left. Jacob Friedman and Nate Stevens try to flip spoons into cups during the event. Scavenger Olympians also took on one of the most difficult tests of endurance as they tried to pick up marbles with chopsticks in the center of the Main Quad. Thomas Cook (above at right) shoots rubber bands at a target during a foot race against the clock. This year, Snell-Hitchcock residence hall took first place in the Scavenger Hunt, scoring 4,081 points for their performance. Second- place winners were from Burton-Judson Courts, and third-place recipients were the team members from Max Palevsky.