January 26, 2009
Vol. 28 No. 8

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    Strong global engagement preps students for Peace Corps

    By Julia Morse
    News Office

    For the second year in a row, the University has produced the most Peace Corps volunteers in the country.

    With 35 alumni currently serving as volunteers during 2008, Chicago ranked first among schools with 5,000 students or less.

    “More and more of our students are arriving at Chicago with an already-noteworthy interest in community service,” said Wallace Goode, Director of the University Community Service Center. “While they are here, they better learn and hone that interest through service, and by the time they depart here and apply to the Peace Corps, they are incredibly competitive and dedicated.”

    Since the Peace Corps was established in 1961, nearly 700 Chicago alumni have served. Chicago has appeared on the Peace Corps’ top schools list for the past nine years.

    “Our students have strong global engagement in scholarship and service while they are at the University of Chicago. It’s no surprise that they build on this to graduate with record numbers of Peace Corps positions and Fulbright scholarships,” said Martha Merritt, Associate Dean for International Education. “College students study and intern all over the world on Chicago programs. As alumni, they are very well-positioned to carry this global engagement into their careers.”