November 20, 2008
Vol. 28 No. 5

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    Voicemail upgrade increases convenience, usability

    The 14-year-old voicemail system used at the University and Medical Center will be upgraded Friday, Nov. 21, with a new system that will allow for larger message quotas, longer greetings and other changes that will increase usability and convenience. The upgraded system will maintain the same standard features as the current system; however, users should be aware that options for accessing and deleting messages will change.

    The upgrade process began Friday, Nov. 14, when Networking Services & Information Technologies copied all voicemail mailboxes into the new system. On Friday, Nov. 21, NSIT will continue the project, copying all voicemail messages to the upgraded system, including saved and unplayed messages. This process will continue over the weekend and into the week of November 24, after which NSIT will begin to introduce the system’s new features.

    NSIT expects no disruption to voicemail service, but notes that any new calls that arrive after 5 p.m. Friday, Nov. 21 will be routed to mailboxes on the upgraded system.

    Instructions for the new voicemail system may be accessed at NSIT’s voicemail Web site at http://nsit.uchicago.edu/voicemail. Reference cards on the new system and information on voicemail training sessions can be obtained by calling (773) 702-9100, option 4.

    Questions about the upgraded system also can be directed to 29100@uchicago.edu.