September 25, 2008
Vol. 28 No. 1

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    Chicago Studies program, its companion Web site maximize studentsí opportunities to engage with city

    By Julia Morse
    News Office

    Study, engage and discover the City of Chicago. That’s the invitation to students from the University through its new Chicago Studies Web site, an interactive resource for student engagement with the city, including everything from volunteer opportunities to the newest restaurants in town.

    “Through Chicago Studies and the launch of the Chicago Studies Web site, we are maximizing student opportunities to become active Chicago citizens, not just passive observers,” said John Boyer, Dean of the College. “It is our hope that these students will feel that they conquered Chicago while at the College, and then they can go on to conquer the world.”


    A project of the College, in partnership with the University of Chicago Community Service Center, Chicago Studies highlights and creates opportunities for College students to make academic and extracurricular connections to the City of Chicago.

    The Web site, http://chicagostudies.uchicago.edu, launched Friday, Sept. 19 and includes resources on College courses, on- and off-campus events, volunteer and internship opportunities, public transportation, museums, restaurants, city tours, faculty research and a host of interactive resources.

    “Many of the greatest modern universities are located in large cities, and our University is one of them, located in a metropolis with endless opportunities and keen cultural ambition—exactly the kind of city we want our students to know and experience, not just in a tourism way, but academic as well,” Boyer said. “Chicago Studies will enable College students to know this city on a truly intimate level.”

    David Hays, Assistant Director of the University Community Service Center, said that he is especially excited for students to have greater opportunities to draw connections with what they learn and experience inside and outside the classroom.

    “A College education truly can inspire people to want to explore, learn and make a difference,” Hays said.

    Hays is also looking forward to watching students contribute to the Web site, through interactive sections that include The Blog That Works, event calendars and spaces to upload video and photographs.