August 14, 2008
Vol. 27 No. 20

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    Undergraduate lab manager Diaz worked 35 years in Chemistry

    Carlos Diaz, Laboratory Manager for the Undergraduate Laboratories in Chemistry and a 35-year employee of the University, died Tuesday, May 26.

    Born March 14, 1947, Diaz began working at the University in 1973, managing the undergraduate teaching laboratories, equipment and chemical stockroom for the Department of Chemistry. He was a resident of the Pullman Historic District in Chicago.

    “Carlos was a very dependable and loyal employee who provided much value to the running of the undergraduate Chemistry laboratories throughout his many years of service,” said Vera Dragisich, Executive Officer and Senior Lecturer in Chemistry.

    “Mr. Carlos Diaz was a gentleman and was a pleasure to work with,” said Lab Director Meishan Zhao, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry. “He was one of our most dedicated people and shared a passion for his work. Being more than 30 years in our undergraduate chemistry laboratories, he made significant contributions to our undergraduate education and to the laboratory development,” said Zhao.