July 17, 2008
Vol. 27 No. 19

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    Deadline for juried Science in Art exhibition entries: Friday, Aug. 22

    Science in Art, a juried exhibition that will feature scientist-artists from the University, Argonne and Fermi national laboratories and the Chicago area, is accepting submissions for this year’s exhibition through Friday, Aug. 22.

    Submissions may include photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, video and music. Science in Art organizers and a panel of jurors will select art based on how it relates (abstractly or literally) to science, the quality of execution and whether it goes beyond the mere depiction of scientific phenomenon.

    Science in Art will open with a Friday, Oct. 10 reception and will run through Saturday, Dec. 13 at the Ellen and Melvin Gordon Center for Integrative Science.

    The exhibition was developed to address the need for educating the public about the process, challenges and benefits of science and technology. Science in Art uses art to create connections between scientists and non-scientists. Its goal is to translate the language of science for the general public and highlight cross-disciplinary connections in the development, expression and exploration of ideas. Entry information can be found at uchisciart.org. For more information, contact Rebecca Ayers at rayers@uchicago.edu or (608) 345-1321.