June 12, 2008
Vol. 27 No. 18

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    Twenty in College get Fulbright fellowships

    By Julia Morse
    News Office

    Photo by Lloyd DeGrane

    John Boyer, Dean of the College (far right), invited this year’s recipients of the U.S. Fulbright Student fellowships to a reception in the Harper Memorial Building. From left, Ryan Kaminski, Kerry Schnell, Lana Harfoush and Laura Burkhauser, all students in the College and four of this year’s record 20 Fulbright recipients, visit with Boyer, who gave his congratulations to the students. Other undergraduate student award winners can be found here.

    Twenty students in the College received Fulbright fellowships this spring—the highest number in College history.

    “The fact that University of Chicago College students are winning a record number of Fulbright fellowships again this year is a credit to the students’ talent, dedication, level of preparation and interest in international education,” said John Boyer, Dean of the College.

    Fulbright fellows receive nine- to 12-month grants for teaching and research abroad. The amount of each grant is determined by where the students will be living and are tailored to the cost of living in a specific country.

    The 2008-2009 Fulbright fellows will travel to South Africa, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Brazil, South Korea, Macedonia, Jamaica, Tunisia, Spain, France, Austria and Germany.

    “International study is something we introduce to students in the College very aggressively from the beginning.” Boyer said. “The College is invested in studying abroad and in encouraging these worldly, academic experiences.”

    A record 67 students applied for Fulbright fellowships this year. Boyer added, “The number of winners is up because the number of applications is up. It is no surprise to me that there is this enhanced interest in the Fulbright fellowships among our students.”

    The 20 recipients of 2008-2009 Fulbright fellowships are Niko Banac, Anna Billa, Nicole Burgoyne, Laura Burkhauser, Kristen Dennesen, Claire Gilbert, Hollie Gilman, Molly Hales, Lana Harfoush, Ryan Kaminski, Pearl Kan, Shannon Kirwin, Veronica Mayer, Yana Morgulis, Emily Pickerill, Eric Prendergast, Eugenia Sapir, John Saxton, Kerry Schnell and Lawrence Tymkiw.

    The total number of 2008-2009 Fulbright fellows is subject to change this summer, as seven alternates may still be offered fellowships.

    The U.S. Fulbright Student Fellowship Program is available to both fourth-year undergraduate students and graduate students. The U.S. Department of State administers the program.