June 12, 2008
Vol. 27 No. 18

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    Students garner awards for University, community service

    During the Spring Quarter, the University Community Service Center, the College and the Office of the Reynolds Club and Student Activities honor a group of student leaders for their contributions to the campus and the community.

    The selected students are recognized for contributing to campus life and the University community and exhibiting extraordinary social responsibility with either leadership or service awards.

    The Student Marshals are selected for their academic records and strong commitment to their extracurricular activities.

    This year’s Student Marshals are Tyler Alfermann, Kathryne Benesh, Emma Boast, Donald Bungum, Kathryn Casey, Colleen Christensen, Lance Contento, Elizabeth Cross, Rosalie Defino, Susanna Donovan, Alexander Fix, Nina Foucher, Melissa Graham, Thomas Graham, Erin Guinn-Villareal, David Guyton, Kelin Hall, Laura Harmon, Cassandra Harrison, Joseph Herbert, Andrew Hogue, Mihail Ivanov, Luke Joyner, Jordan Kenik, Tal Kopan, Jonathan Kurinsky, Elizabeth Leiserson, Kate Levinstein, Thomas Manganaro, Jesse Marshall, Alyssa Mathias, Annmarie Micikas, Erin Mowers, Amol Naik, Kathryn Novotny, Nathana O’Brien, Adwait Parker, Lisbeth Redfield, Soton Rosanwo, Alexander Stabell, William Sweeney, Zoe Vangelder, Caitlin Waddle, Nicholas Wanger, Tyler Warner, Amanda Wingate and Noah Younger.

    The Perry S. Herst Prize recognizes two graduating College seniors who have excelled in combining their educations with social responsibilities. This year, the Herst Prize winners are Jonathan Strysko and David Whitsett.

    The Howell Murray Alumni Association Awards are one of the College’s highest honors, recognizing College graduating fourth-years who contributed exceptionally to the University through a variety of co-curricular activities. The award is named in honor of alumnus Howell Murray (Ph.B.,’14), who was a University Trustee, and is presented by the Alumni Association.

    This year’s recipients are Stephanie Bell, Sarah Bouchat, S.J. Cohen, Eva De Laurentiis, Scott Duncombe, Zachary Ergish, Eve Ewing, Justin Fleming, Anjali Gera, Wendy Gonzalez, Grant Gordon, Daniel Kimerling, Hannah McConnaughay, Hollie Russon-Gilman, Rebecca Shi and Lindsey Thomson-Levin.

    The President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes two students who have exhibited a strong commitment to service in the greater community during the last school year. This year’s recipients are Hannah McConnaughay and Daniel Waldinger.

    The Outstanding New Leader Award honors up to two College students in their first or second year, who demonstrate outstanding leadership potential in their work with student groups and contributions to student life. These students have made exceptional contributions to their organization, including assisting with the organization’s growth during the school year. This year’s winners are Jacqueline Carrillo and Tsion Gurmu.

    The Jane Morton and Henry C. Murphy Award honors outstanding undergraduate and graduate students who have made great contributions to the University and the University community. This year’s winners are Joseph Bognanni, Gregory Gabrellas, Toussaint Losier and Christopher Williams.

    The Campus Life and Leadership Award recognizes graduating fourth-year and graduate students who have exhibited exceptional leadership skills in a single co-curricular endeavor and improved the quality of life on campus while enrolled in the College. This year’s recipients are Lillian Bartenstein, Kellene Eagen, Fatima Fadlalla, Helen Kendall, Angel Ochoa, Sarah Raskin, Andrew Snyder and John Thompson.

    Maroon Key Society recognizes second- and third-year College students who will serve as advisors to the Dean of the College. Selected students are active in co-curricular activities, have strong academic records and excel in communications.

    This year’s selected members are Kathryne Benesh, David Brent, Marguerite Costich, Ailen Fee, Hilary Fruitman, Claire Gill, Emily Gilman, Anna Gunderson, Tsion Gurmu, Kelin Hall, Jessica Hester, Aryanne Israel, Hannah Jacoby, Isaac Freilich Jones, Luke Joyner, David Klein, Tal Kopan, Lima Lawrence, Yennie Lee, Angelina Liang, James McAnelly, Kaitlin Meyer, Amol Naik, Christina Perez, Lee Praley, Katherine Proctor, Christopher Quintos, Luke Rodehorst, Hossam Tewfik, Hallie Trauger, Zoe Vangelder, Caroline Weisser, Christopher Williams and Jarrod Wolf.