April 17, 2008
Vol. 27 No. 14

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    Conference may be viewed online

    Martin Marty

    In February, the Divinity School marked the 10th anniversary of its Martin Marty Center for the Advanced Study of Religion with a conference that featured some of the world’s leading scholars of religion.

    They gathered at the University’s Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago to discuss the relationship between religion and the city.

    Highlights of the conference, which also celebrated the 80th birthday of Martin Marty, the center’s namesake and the Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in the Divinity School, were recorded on video.

    The landmark conference, “Religion and the City: Our Urban Humanity and the World Beyond,” covered a wide array of topics — from the role of religion in the architecture of cities, to the influence of gospel music in Chicago, to the impact of suburbanization on young Muslims in Chicago, to the role of urban life in the moral thinking of philosophers and theologians.

    The video can be viewed at: http://marty-center.uchicago.edu/conferences/city/index.shtml.