January 10, 2008
Vol. 27 No. 7

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    Rosenbaum creates two new Deputy Provost positions: Cohen, Norman will address graduate education, arts

    Larry Norman

    Cathy Cohen

    Photos by Dan Dry

    As the University develops new initiatives and partnerships to meet the challenges it faces in the coming decades, while also expanding programs that have met with success, Thomas Rosenbaum, Provost, has created two new Deputy Provost positions and has redefined and refined the roles of current Associate Provosts in the Office of the Provost.

    “We are committed to making the University the destination of choice for the most talented faculty, students and staff. The Deputy and Associate Provosts play a key role in responding to the University community’s articulation of the most pressing needs and opportunities.”

    The Provost’s staff members assist in guiding new initiatives that further the University’s academic and civic goals and help implement programs and projects that improve the quality of life for faculty, students and staff.

    Rosenbaum has appointed two faculty members as Deputy Provosts to address graduate student experiences at the University and to integrate academic, co-curricular and the professional arts across the campus.

    Cathy Cohen, the David and Mary Winton Green Professor in Political Science and the College, will serve as Deputy Provost for Graduate Education, and Larry Norman, Associate Professor in Romance Languages & Literatures and the College, will serve as Deputy Provost for the Arts.

    Both of these appointments became effective Tuesday, Jan. 1.

    In collaboration with deans, faculty and students, Cohen will lead a critical assessment of the graduate experience across the University, considering new programs and paradigms necessary to define graduate education for the future.

    She will provide a University-wide perspective on issues ranging from graduate education to teaching responsibilities to campus life. Moreover, Cohen will serve as the point person for the University’s Graduate Aid Initiative in the Humanities and Social Sciences divisions and will work to include the Divinity School in the initiative.

    Norman will advance the integration of the academic, co-curricular and professional arts into the University community and strive to deepen the University’s cultural connections with the city.

    Working hand-in-hand with the College, individual departments and divisions, as well as the directors of the Court Theatre and the Smart Museum of Art, Norman will coordinate plans for the development of the Reva and David Logan Center for Creative and Performing Arts.

    Two other faculty members, Keith Moffat and Kenneth Warren, will continue their service as Deputy Provosts. Moffat, the Louis Block Professor in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and the Institute for Biophysical Dynamics, is Deputy Provost for Research and as such is the Provost Office’s liaison to the University Library, the University Press and the Graham School of General Studies. Moffat is responsible for coordinating all matters related to competitive faculty fellowships and awards, and he oversees issues pertaining to conflicts of interest and academic fraud.

    Warren, the Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor in English Language & Literature and the College, serves as Deputy Provost for Research and Minority Issues.

    Warren works to extend the social and intellectual diversity of the University by developing strategies to foster the recruitment and retention of faculty of color; improve the institutional communication on diversity; develop curricula; improve student services for students of color; and create diversity-training opportunities for students, faculty and staff.

    In addition to their specified duties, all of the Deputy Provosts are involved in evaluating faculty appointments and promotions.

    The Associate Provosts work toward meeting research and administrative needs, and help shape and implement academic and budgetary initiatives.

    Diana Jergovic, Associate Provost for Academic and Budgetary Initiatives, coordinates the work of the Provost’s Office with the President’s Office to most effectively advance faculty-identified, strategic initiatives. She is the liaison to Facilities Services, with particular responsibility for the Joseph Regenstein Library addition, as well as to the Budget Office.

    Two Associate Provosts, Steve Gabel and Mary Harvey, have taken on completely new responsibilities.

    Harvey, Associate Provost for Program Development, will work with faculty and deans on two major initiatives: developing responses to the needs of women faculty and students, with a particular emphasis on the sciences, and teaming with Norman to implement a cohesive, University-wide arts strategy.

    Harvey also will be addressing issues of faculty retention and recruitment, including spouse/partner placement.

    Gabel will serve as Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, coordinating and managing the appointments and promotions of faculty and other academic personnel.

    Gabel will work with departments and deans to strengthen the processes that help attract the most innovative scholars and teachers to the University.

    Rosenbaum also has refined the key roles of Associate Provosts Aneesah Ali, Blair Archambeau and Ingrid Gould.

    As Associate Provost and Affirmative Action Officer, Ali works in conjunction with the appropriate faculty and administrative governance groups to formulate, maintain and enhance equal opportunity policies and procedures that attract and retain a skilled and culturally diverse faculty, staff and student body.

    She represents the University in affirmative action activities, cases related to municipal, state, and federal non-discrimination laws and regulations, and attends to all related compliance matters, including the prevention of unlawful harassment.

    Archambeau, Associate Provost for Planning, works closely with the divisions, professional schools and administrative units to ensure the equitable and optimal use of campus space.

    She is responsible for working with deans, officers and faculty working groups to advance planning activities for major renovations, new construction and other space-management projects.

    Gould, Associate Provost for Faculty and Student Affairs, focuses on improving the faculty and student experience at Chicago.

    She serves as the liaison to the Office of the Vice President and Dean of Students, handles faculty retirement and leave cases, and coordinates various campus-wide initiatives, including the faculty committee on molecular engineering and the University’s efforts to improve access for members of the University community who have disabilities.