Dec. 7, 2006
Vol. 26 No. 6

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    Graham School teachers honored

    Three instructors at the University’s Graham School of General Studies have received the school’s second annual Excellence in Teaching Award. Claudia Traudt, an instructor in the Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults, Elisabeth Lenckos, Instructor in the Humanities, Arts and Sciences division, and Ilan Geva, a Business and Professional Programs instructor in the Integrated Marketing Certificate Program, were honored at a reception on Friday, Nov. 10.

    “These awards acknowledge the exceptional teaching that occurs in the Graham School by recognizing three of our finest instructors, each of whom exemplify that which we find most desirable in our teachers: a passion for their subject, a keen interest in their students and a joy in self-discovery,” said Daniel Shannon, Dean of the Graham School.

    The awards are given annually to instructors for outstanding service in contributing to continuing education and continuing professional development, as well as the advancement of the vision and mission of the school. Students nominate instructors based on program content and curricular design.

    “What makes a superlative teacher? It’s a person who transcends the limitations of contact and subject matter and makes the transfer of knowledge a true calling,” said Stephanie Medlock, Associate Director for the Division of Business and Professional Programs. “It’s a person who extends themselves for their students and for their discipline.”