August 17, 2006
Vol. 25 No. 20

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    University offers more transportation options to commuting faculty, students, staff members

    Starting this summer, the University’s Transportation & Parking Office will offer a range of new transportation programs to support faculty, staff and students commuting to campus by bike, walk, carpool or transit (CTA, METRA or South Shore).

    Effective Monday, July 3, faculty, staff, employees and students of the University and the Hospitals will be able to ride the CTA Routes 171 and 172 at no charge.

    A University or Hospital I.D. card will be required to board. These two routes will be added to the current Route 170, which already is offered at no cost to members of the University community.

    Other programs being offered include: Guaranteed Ride Home (free taxi or car rental in case of emergency); Occasional Parker (free parking on campus 24 times a year); Car Sharing (Access to the I-Go program); Carpool/Vanpool parking (reduced rates and preferred parking spaces); and Trip Planning Assistance.

    These programs are in addition to the improved Qualified Transportation Program available through WageWorks, Pre-Tax Parking and Transit, CTA Route 192 Express Bus to METRA, free Midway shuttles (CTA Route 170), and free local evening buses.

    “With gas prices at record levels and the traffic congestion caused by the Dan Ryan construction, this is a great time to look at other ways to get to campus,” said Brian Shaw, Director of Campus Transportation & Parking Services.

    Information about trip planning for campus commutes is available from the Transportation and Parking Office at (773) 702-8969.