May-June Highlights

    May-June Highlights

    Detail of the outmost gilded coffin. A small wreath encircles the protective cobra and vulture.

    Oriental Institute
    Wonderful Things! the Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun; The Harry Burton Photographs

    Through Sunday, October 8
    Breasted Hall, Oriental Institute Museum
    1155 E. 58th St. (773) 702-9507.

    The tomb of Tutankhamun is one of the most famous archaeological finds of all time. When discovered in 1922, the tomb was filled with spectacular artifacts including gold-covered chariots, elaborately carved alabaster vessels, inlaid furniture, a vast array of jewelry and the famed gold mask. Every step of the archaeologists’ painstakingly detailed work in and around the tomb was documented through photography, one of the first large-scale excavations to be so thoroughly recorded. The dramatic and artistic images clearly convey the excitement and the tension of the excavation. Many of the photos have become as famous as the artifacts themselves. Suggested donation for admission to the museum is $5 for adults and $2 for children.


    The Department of Music
    Annual End-of-Season Collaboration

    8 p.m. Friday, June 2 and 4 p.m. Saturday, June 3
    Mandel Hall, 1131 E. 57th St.
    (773) 702 3427.

    The Music Department’s annual collaboration concert caps the season with a combined performance by University Symphony Orchestra, University Chorus, Motet Choir and the Rockefeller Chapel Choir. The concert will feature Brahms’ Symphony No. 1 in C Minor, a composition the German master labored over for two decades. The second portion of the program will feature a selection of famous opera choruses from Verdi’s Aïda, Nabucco, La Traviata and Il Trovatore. Donations will be accepted for this performance, which will take place in Mandel Hall, 1131 E. 57th St. For more information, contact (773) 702 3427.

    Rockefeller Memorial Chapel hosts President Randel

    Rockefeller Memorial Chapel
    Sermon by President Randel

    11 a.m. Sunday, June 4
    Court Theatre, 5535 S. Ellis Ave.
    1156 E. 59th St. (773) 702-7059.

    Early into his tenure at the University, President Randel approached Allison Boden, Dean of Rockefeller Chapel, and offered to deliver a sermon during an ecumenical worship service. He has preached at the Chapel consistently during his term, and will again do so, perhaps for the last time, during Alumni Weekend, at 11 a.m. on Sunday, June 4. Randel's sermons have touched on subjects such as faith, integrity and kindness to humanity, challenging his listeners to live fully in their faith. The Chapel's long tradition of fine musicianship is reflected the choice for the service, Vaughn Williams' Mass in G minor for two choirs. All are invited to come and wish Randel farewell during a light reception which will follow the service. For more information, call (773) 702-7059.


    The 57th Street Art Fair
    11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday, June 3
    10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sunday, June 4
    57th St. and Kimbark Ave.

    Saturday, June 3 marks the 59th anniversary of the Midwest’s oldest juried art fair, the 57th Street Art Fair. Mary Louise Womer, an artist originally from Kansas City, set up the first 57th Street Art Fair in 1948 as a way for artists in the community to interact and get to know one another’s work. These days, over 350 artists set up shop on 57th Street on the first weekend of June. Several cash awards recognizing outstanding work are presented during the fair. Every year, a local artist is commissioned to create a new poster and T-shirt design to celebrate that year’s fair —another way this unique art event integrates community and art. This combination of quality art, fraternization, and historical appeal attracts over 100,000 visitors annually. Artists selling their works are primarily around the intersection of 57th St. and Kimbark Ave. For more information, visit