February 16, 2006
Vol. 25 No. 10

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    No-smoking policy revised to comply with city’s ordinance


    While most University buildings have been smoke-free since 2002, a revised personnel policy motivated by the 2005 Chicago Clean Indoor Air Ordinance will prohibit smoking in all indoor public spaces on campus as well as some outdoor spaces.

    The city ordinance and the University policy are designed to protect individuals from the dangers of second-hand smoke. In accordance with the new ordinance, smoking is now prohibited within 15 feet of all University building entrances. Any signage that is in conflict with this policy will be removed, and the urns located at the entrances to campus buildings were scheduled be removed by Tuesday, Feb. 14. The Offices of Facilities Services and Safety and Environmental Affairs are managing these efforts.

    Individuals who do not comply with the ordinance may be subject to a city fine of no less than $100 and no more than $500, as set forth in the ordinance.

    Some specific campus locations are exceptions to the regulation, including private residence hall rooms and apartments in buildings that are managed by the Real Estate Operations office of the University. Effective July 1, 2008, some commercial tenants of the University’s Real Estate Operations will become smoke-free environments as well.

    The revised University policy applies to all faculty, staff and students on campus, and the policy may be read and reviewed at: http://hr.uchicago.edu/policy/p603.html.

    The City of Chicago, through the Department of Public Health and/or the Department of Business Affairs and Licensing or their authorized designees will be responsible for enforcing the city ordinance.

    The University’s Safety Office will remain the University community’s point of contact for internal smoking complaints and compliance with the University policy.

    Further information about the no-smoking policy may be obtained by calling the University’s Safety Office at (773) 702-9999.