Students honored as leaders for service to campus, community

    Students honored as leaders for service to campus, community

    Every Spring Quarter, the College, the University Community Service Center, and the Office of the Reynolds Club and Student Activities honor a select number of student leaders for their contributions to the campus community.

    Student Leader Awards are given for contributions to any part of campus life. Service Awards are conferred on students who demonstrate outstanding social responsibility, and Student Marshals are chosen based on their academic record and commitment to extracurricular activities.

    The UCSC awards were conferred at the center’s annual Volunteer Recognition Reception at 5 p.m. Tuesday, May 24, at the Smart Museum of Art, and the Student Leader Awards were presented at the College Honors Awards Assembly at 4 p.m. Wednesday, May 25, in Ida Noyes Hall.

    The Perry S. Herst Prize is intended to recognize two graduating seniors in the College who have combined study with social responsibility. This UCSC Volunteer Recognition Award was presented this year to Allison Hannon and Mallika Sarkaria.

    The Howell Murray Student Medal, one of the College’s highest honors, recognizes graduating fourth-years who have made outstanding contributions to the University through a range of co-curricular activities. Named in honor of Howell Murray (Ph.B.,’14), a distinguished alumnus and trustee of the University, and presented by the Alumni Association, the medals this year went to: Malika Anand, Mariangela Anzalone, Lawrence Atkinson, Jeremy Barr, Erica Cerulo, Maire Daly, Ananya Das, Rodrigo Garcia-Uribe, Kyle Hodges, Jennifer Littlefield, Milca Pierre, Charles Saenz, Lakshmi Shenoy, Neeraj Singh, Chantale Stephens and Erin Sweeney.

    The President’s Volunteer Service Award is intended to recognize two volunteers who have demonstrated a superior commitment to service in the greater community during the past academic year. This year’s recipients, Travis Schedler and Jennifer Tamayo, were honored at the UCSC Volunteer Recognition Reception and the College Honors Awards Assembly.

    The College Outstanding New Leader Award honors up to two students in their first or second year in the College who show leadership promise through their contributions to student life and their work with a student organization(s). The award honors those students who have made exemplary contributions to their organization and have helped the organization grow through their participation—while not necessarily holding a leadership position. The winners of this year’s awards are Toby Kramer and Rebecca Schildkret.

    The Jane Morton and Henry C. Murphy Award recognizes non-graduating student leaders: undergraduate or graduate students who have made exceptional and unique contributions to the University community. This year’s recipients are Kristin Love, Claire Mazur and Yenisey Rodriguez.

    Maroon Key Society honorees are second- and third-year students who serve as advisers to the Dean of the College. Members are especially active in co-curricular activities, are good communicators and have strong academic records. This year’s elected members are Reid Aronson, Quinn Bernier, Isra Bhatty, Katherine Bush, Ramiro Castro, Maria Cecire, Gregory Cheyne, Dariusz Ciszek, Jacqueline De Leon, James Estrella, Rachel Fuchs, John Gabriel, Nicholas Juravich, Bianca Kemp, Monika Kolloori, Toby Kramer, Christopher Martin, William McCormick, Jesse Meyer, Rishi Nair, Alison Nemirow, Benjamin Potts, Elliott Powell, Sneha Ramakrishna, Yi Rong, Pearl Ryder, Rebecca Schildkret, Alice Sverdlik, Marisa Tejavanija Mei, Eferiekose Ukala, Sonia Wang and Bridget Wild.

    Student Marshals are third-year students who have excelled academically and demonstrated outstanding commitment to significant extra-curricular activities on campus and in the community. They assist with the University Convocation, and on occasion they represent the student body at other special University events.

    President Randel has appointed the following students to serve as Student Marshals for the 2004-2005 academic year:

    Pericles Abbasi, Heather Afra, Emily Alpert, Kiran Banerjee, Maya Barron, Quinn Bernier, Isra Bhatty, Stephen Brusatte, Maria Cecire, Megan Corrarino, Silas Culver, Bonnie Doyle, Meredith Edwards, Anyu Fang, Benjamin Fink, Eric Heller, Kathryn Hume, Matthew Ishida, Nicholas Juravich, Abigail Kaboth, Ying-Ying Kao, Wai Yip Kong, Kristin Love Greer, Li Ma, Roshan Morbia, Harry Moroz, Phillip Perry, Lisandra Rickards, Yi Rong, Emily Rossi, Katarina Ruscic, Matthew Saba, Harry Schmidt, Anna Scholin, Marya Spont, Leila Vaez-Azizi, Anna Vinnik, Megan Wachspress, Cynthia Warner, Emily Werth, Nicholas Westra, Sandra Williams and Jessica Winter.