Regenstein assistant Edwards receives 2005 Richman award

    Regenstein assistant Edwards receives 2005 Richman award

    Tyjuan Edwards, the Chicago Card and Library Privileges Assistant for the Joseph Regenstein Library, is the 2005 winner of the Marlene F. Richman Award for Excellence and Dedication in Service to Students.

    Richman served students with extraordinary commitment and caring during her career at the University, which spanned four decades and included serving as Resident Master of Burton-Judson Courts and 36 years as a Career Advising & Planning Services career counselor.

    As Steve Klass, Vice President and Dean of Students in the University, announced on the occasion of Richman’s retirement in October 2002:

    “The Marlene F. Richman Award recognizes University of Chicago staff members who demonstrate the highest levels of dedication, care and compassion in the service of students. The winner of this award will exemplify the qualities demonstrated by Marlene during her decades of untiring effort to guide students.”

    More than 55 students submitted letters of nomination for 22 full-time staff members. The selection committee included undergraduate and graduate students, members of the University Dean of Students senior staff, and two divisional Deans of Students.

    Undergraduate and graduate students wrote of Edwards’ kindness and thoughtfulness in helping them with problems.

    “I honestly think the world would be a much better place if there were more people in it like Tyjuan, who values the interaction between people and always reaches out a helping hand to others whether he has to or not,” wrote one student, observing that Edwards is kind-hearted, not because his position calls for it but because he goes out of his way to help in all he does.

    The nominees, who included staff members from across the campus, will receive a certificate and a letter highlighting some of the students’ nominating comments. Edwards will be honored at an annual picnic organized by Klass.

    He will receive an extra service payment and an engraved clock, and his name will be inscribed on the Marlene F. Richman Award plaque displayed with other University honors and awards in the Bartlett Hall lounge.