March 31, 2005
Vol. 24 No. 13

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    Up on the roof

    This view of the Center for Integrative Science (formerly known as the Interdivisional Research Building) is from the Drexel Avenue wing of the building, with the roof of the John Crerar Library in the foreground. The Center for Integrative Science wraps around the John Crerar Library along Drexel Avenue and 57th Street. The building is scheduled to open in August.

    Three fans sit atop the new Center for Integrative Science. They are a signature element of laboratory buildings designed by Ellenzweig Associates Inc. of Cambridge, the architectural firm that designed the CIS. These exhaust fans and others like them on the building are used to aerate the laboratories.

    The Center for Integrative Science is equipped with a massive chiller tower on its roof. The building will have excess chilling capacity, which will be available to cool other interconnected buildings.