June 10, 2004
Vol. 23 No. 18

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    Women’s Athletic Association celebrates centennial


    The Graduate Women’s Athletic Association held a special centennial dinner during Reunion Weekend, where many graduates reunited with their former classmates, coaches and teammates from many of the women’s sports teams the University has supported throughout the years. Chicago’s WAA is the oldest continuously operating women’s athletic association in the country and was formed nearly 70 years before Title IX existed. Paula Markovitz (left, standing) from the Class of 1978, who played basketball and volleyball, chats with Mary Jean Mulvaney (standing) who was Chairman of the Women’s Physical Education from 1966 to 1976. Patricia Kirby (seated), who coached volleyball, basketball, softball and badminton from 1967 to 1990, joins her friends at the event to view a display of historical photos from the University’s women’s athletics programs. Ann Harvilla from the Class of 1979 looks over the photographs on display.