April 15, 2004
Vol. 23 No. 14

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    University schedules 2004 Economic Opportunity Fair for area businesses

    By Peter Schuler
    News Office

    The 2004 annual Economic Opportunity Fair, scheduled for Thursday, April 29, will reaffirm the ongoing initiative by the University and its Hospitals to ensure that minority and women-owned businesses can fully participate in contracting and vendor opportunities.

    “This is an excellent way for us to demonstrate our serious commitment to contribute to the economic health of our community,” said President Randel.

    The event at Ida Noyes Hall will offer a chance for diverse suppliers, contractors and professional services firms to network with purchasing buyers and end users from the University and Hospitals.

    Randel and other senior staff will address a general session, and a panel of business owners will share practical information on how they were successful in obtaining business with the University.

    “We are committed to integrating minority and women-owned businesses into all aspects of our supply chains,” said K.C. Mosley, Director of Diversity Business Programs and Associate Director of Purchasing.

    A Professional Services Networking Exchange will highlight management consulting and creative services available from firms in a range of fields, including architecture, engineering, financial services, information technology, human resources, and event management and support.