Feb. 5, 2004
Vol. 23 No. 9

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    Words of wisdom

    Sho Yano and James Watson (B.S.,’47) met in front of Chicago journalists on Monday, Jan. 19. Yano, 13, is the youngest student ever to attend one of the University’s professional schools. He is enrolled in the University’s Medical Scientist Training Program, concurrently pursuing an M.D. and a Ph.D. Watson, co-recipient of the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and chancellor of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island, N.Y., enrolled at the University in 1943 as a 15-year-old after completing two years of study at South Shore High School. An exhibition titled “Honest Jim: James D. Watson, The Writer,” runs through Friday, May 28, at the John Crerar Library