Nov. 6, 2003
Vol. 23 No. 4

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    Ronald Coase, Senior Fellow and the Clifton R. Musser Professor Emeritus in the Law School, has been awarded the “No Boundaries” Award for Innovation by The Economist magazine.

    The publication’s citation noted that “as early as the 1930s, Coase began developing radical new theories on business processes, transaction costs and property rights, and more than 70 years later, his prophetic research and ideas have created new markets to trade the intangible.

    Coasian logic has blossomed into Radio Frequency Spectrum Auctions, which regulate the wireless communications market and are cited as an underpinning for Tradable Emissions Permits, which distribute the financial burdens of pollution among the polluters themselves, rather than on society.”

    Coase was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 1991 for his seminal work.

    James Cronin, University Professor Emeritus in Physics and the College, has been elected as a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The academy honored Cronin for his impact on fundamental physics and for his outstanding contributions to the promotion of international scientific collaboration.

    Mark Heyrman, Clinical Professor of Law and Faculty Director of Clinical Programs in the Law School, was recently awarded the Pro Bono Award by the Equip for Equality organization. He was recognized for his 25-year leadership as Director of the Mental Health Advocacy Project at the Law School’s Edwin F. Mandel Legal Aid Clinic.

    Heyrman was honored for his dedication to improving mental health care and advocating for the rights of those with mental illness in Illinois.

    The award citation noted that “he has led the way for enacting many laws by testifying in Springfield and actively participating on the mental health committee of the Chicago and Illinois State Bar Associations.”

    Additionally, Heyrman has served as executive director of the Governor’s Commission to Revise the Illinois Mental Health and Disabilities Code; president of the Mental Health Association of Illinois; and chairman of the Task Force of the Illinois Guardianship Reform Project, which was managed by his colleague and former law student, Morris Fred, now a senior policy analyst for Equip for Equality.

    Equip for Equality is a not-for-profit organization designated by the Governor of Illinois in 1985 to administer the federally mandated Protection and Advocacy System for safeguarding the rights of children and adults with physical and mental disabilities in Illinois.