June 12, 2003 – Vol. 22 No. 18

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    University proposes north expansion of police patrols

    At a recent meeting, the North Kenwood-Oakland Conservation Community Council unanimously approved the University's proposed extension of its police jurisdiction into most of the North Kenwood and Oakland neighborhoods.

    The plan, which likely will be in place early this fall, will implement joint patrols by the Chicago Police Department and the University Police that have been in effect in Hyde Park and South Kenwood for more than 40 years and also have been in effect in the north half of the Woodlawn neighborhood since 2001.

    Fourth Ward Alderman Toni Preckwinkle and Shirley Newsome, chair of the North Kenwood-Oakland Conservation Community Council, invited the University to present the initiative at the organization's monthly meeting. Rudy Nimocks, Executive Director of the University Police Department, and Chicago Police Department 21st District Commander Adrienne Stanley explained the program to neighborhood residents.

    In addition to the police patrols, the University will install emergency phones at various locations and provide many services, including umbrella coverage, by which citizens can request a patrol car to escort them to their destination.

    The borders of the new coverage area are East Pershing Road to the north, South Cottage Grove Avenue to the west, East 47th Street to the south, and the Illinois Central railroad tracks to the east, as well as a portion of East Oakwood Boulevard extending west of South Cottage Grove Avenue that includes all of Mandrake Park.