May 29, 2003 – Vol. 22 No. 17

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    Students awarded for leadership skills, social responsibility

    Every Spring Quarter, the University and its community service center honor a select number of student leaders for their contributions to the campus community. Student Leader Awards are given for contributions to any part of campus life, Service Awards are conferred on students who demonstrate outstanding social responsibility, and Student Marshals are chosen based on their academic record and commitment to extracurricular activities.

    The University Community Service Center awards were conferred at its annual Volunteer Recognition Reception, Tuesday, May 27, at the David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art, and the Student Leader Awards were presented at yesterday's College Honors Awards Assembly.

    The Perry S. Herst Prize is intended to recognize two graduating seniors in the College who have combined study with social responsibility. This UCSC Volunteer Recognition Award was presented this year to Amy Althoff and Jeremy Posadas. They were honored at the Volunteer Recognition Reception and the College Honors Awards Assembly.

    The President's Volunteer Service Award is intended to recognize two volunteers who have demonstrated a superior commitment to service in the greater community during the past academic year. This year's recipients, Sujata Bhat and Rachel Duffy Lorenz, were honored at the UCSC Volunteer Recognition Reception and the College Honors Awards Assembly.

    The Outstanding New Leader Award honors up to two students in their first or second year of the College who show leadership promise through their contributions to student life and their work with a student organization(s). The award honors those students who have made exemplary contributions to their organization and have helped the organization grow through their participation–while not necessarily holding a leadership position. The winners of this year's awards are Milca Pierre and Yenisey Rodriguez.

    The Howell Murray Alumni Association Award, one of the College's highest honors, recognizes graduating fourth-years who have made outstanding contributions to the University through a range of co-curricular activities. This year's recipients are: Stephanie Anderson, John Connolly, Bryson Engelen, Juliana Garcia-Uribe, Scott Grabarski, Jacob Hajer, Margaret Hansen, Margo Johnston, Megan Kunz, Emilee Lales, Frances Lim, Yuh Wen Ling, Cherish Orozco, Jeremy Posadas and Viva Max Stefanishin.

    The Herbert J. Morris Memorial Prize, which recognizes a degree candidate (College fourth-year or graduate/professional degree candidate) who has made significant contributions in a single co-curricular endeavor, was given to Regine Desrusseaux and Peter Beatty.

    The Jane Morton and Henry C. Murphy Award recognizes non-graduating student leaders: undergraduate or graduate students who have made exceptional and unique contributions to the University community. This year's recipients are Philip Venticinque, Jon Quinn, John Fanning and Josephine Ferorelli.

    Maroon Key Society honorees are second- and third-year students who serve as advisers to the Dean of the College. Members are especially active in co-curricular activities, are good communicators and have strong academic records. This year's elected members are Dele Adeyemo, Nicole Aro, Lawrence Atkinson, Alyson Auton, Yasmeen Basheeruddin, Hannah Benton, Rebecca Bernstein, Rebekah Cohen, Rodrigo Garcia-Uribe, Enrique Gomez, David Goodloe, Courtney Hardie, Kyle Hodges, Kwabena Holder, Christine Hudoba, Nanett Konig, Christina Liao, Rochelle McCain, Gabriel Molina, Patrick Monahan, Pak Shun Ng, Gabriela Ortiz, Albert Plenty, Jon Quinn, Tamilia Reed, Anne Rounds, Lakshmi Shenoy, Brittany Simmons, Jamie Stevens, Erin Sweeney, Maureen Tracey-Mooney, Maura Walz and Nakea West.

    Student Marshals are third-year students who have excelled academically and demonstrated outstanding commitment to significant extra-curricular activities on campus and in the community. They assist with the University Convocation, and on occasion they represent the student body at other special University events. President Randel has appointed the following students to serve as Student Marshals for the 2003-2004 academic year: Dele Adeyemo, Jessica Alms, Juliana Basko, Gregory Beam, Hannah Benton, Sujata Bhat, Matthew Brown, Natalie Brown, David Burkett, Lisa Camner, Maria Chikina, Steven Cicala, Ian Desai, Erica Emmendorfer, Miriam Gedwiser, Charles Goodwin, Kenzie Grubitz, Samuel Isaacson, Maciej Jedrzejczak, Sarah Karniski, Christian Kraus, Jeffrey Kuckuck, Robert Lehner, Carol Malaga, Maghan Maloney, Andrew Martin, Mona Mashayekhi, Pak Shun Ng, Anne Parsons, Matthew Reece, Nathan Rehn, Matthew Reid, Anne Rounds, Laura Schechter, Craig Segall, Jeffrey Sousa, Daniel Sullivan, Christopher Tepper, Kevin Tucker, Maura Walz, Benjamin Wolfson and Seth Zenz.