Mar. 6, 2003 – Vol. 22 No. 11

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    Aventis Pasteur, a leading producer of vaccines, has honored the University’s Pediatric Immunization Program for outstanding service and commitment to children and families living in Chicago’s public housing communities.

    Special recognition was given to Robert Daum, Professor in Pediatrics and Director of PIP; William Hunter, Manager of PIP; and Tameka Boswell, a Vista volunteer.

    The program received a $25,000 grant from the company to continue its efforts.

    Hisashi Yamamoto, the Arthur Holly Compton Distinguished Service Professor in Chemistry and the College, was among six scientists who received in November, 2002, the Medal with the Purple Ribbon from the Emperor of Japan at the imperial palace. Approximately 20 people received the award in all, including architects, writers, musicians and actors.

    Arnold Zellner, the H. G. B. Alexander Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in the Graduate School of Business, was elected a Distinguished Fellow of the American Economic Association. Praising Zellner’s contributions to the field of econometrics, the association noted that his #147;pioneering work in either systems of equations, Bayesian statistics and econometrics, or time series analysis would each have earned him worldwide recognition.#148;

    A ceremony marked Zellner’s honor Saturday, Jan. 4, in Washington D.C.