Feb. 6, 2003
Vol. 22 No. 9

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    Randel appoints new assistant ombudsperson

    President Randel has appointed Urmi Sengupta to succeed Jane Bouzek as the Assistant Student Ombudsperson.

    Sengupta is pursuing a master’s degree in the Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies.

    In announcing the appointment, Randel noted Sengupta’s significant experience in providing leadership and guidance, citing as an example her position as assistant vice president of Bank of America, where she served as a mentor to interns and management recruits.

    Bouzek, who was chosen as the Assistant Student Ombudsperson for the 2002-2003 school year, recently accepted a full-time job offer, which prevents her from serving as the Assistant Ombudsperson for the rest of her term.

    The Student Ombudsperson and Assistant Student Ombudsperson are independent University officials appointed by the President. They are responsible for investigating and helping to solve student grievances that have been brought to them.

    They also serve as liaisons to the administration, making suggestions to help improve student life on campus.

    The Ombudsperson can be reached at (773) 702-8422 or at ombudsperson@uchicago.edu.