Jan. 9, 2003
Vol. 22 No. 7

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    Robert Gaumond, first-year

    Robert Gaumond, a student in the College, died Thursday, Dec. 12, in Chicago. Gaumond was a first-year student and a resident of Dewey House in Shoreland Hall. He was 18.

    Robert is survived by his parents, Charles and Ruth Gaumond, of Oxon Hill, Md., and his older sister, Anne, a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Because an untimely death may be disruptive to students’ emotional well-being, Katie Callow-Wright, Director of Undergraduate Student Housing, has urged students in need to contact available campus resources, including the Student Counseling and Resource Service, campus ministries, the residence hall staff and College advisers.

    Residents of Dewey House are planning a memorial service for Gaumond.