Nov. 21, 2002
Vol. 22 No. 5

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    On the occasion of his 90th birthday . . .

    [R. Friedman/Becker]
    An event that drew a wealth of scholars and important figures in economics to the University, “A Conference to Honor Milton Friedman, the Paul Snowden Russell Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, On the Occasion of his 90th Birthday,” marked a rare return to campus by Friedman and his wife, Rose. They have lived in California since his retirement in 1977, a year after he received the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics. Friedman talks with President Randel (top, left), who welcomed guests to the conference and delivered the opening remarks. Robert Lucas (bottom, left), the John Dewey Distinguished Service Professor in Economics, moderates a discussion on “Depression and Recovery.” He was joined by Anna Schwartz, who, with Friedman, co-authored the landmark book A Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960. Friedman’s wife, Rose (above, right), chats with Gary Becker, University Professor in Economics and Sociology and a conference organizer.