Feb. 7, 2002
Vol. 21 No. 9

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    National Academies name faculty members ‘National Associates’

    By Peter Schuler
    News Office

    The National Academies, which includes the National Academy of Science, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council, has awarded its lifetime National Associate status to a number of current and retired faculty members of the University.

    The National Associate designation was created last year to recognize extraordinary contributions to the organization’s National Research Council and Institute of Medicine programs.

    Among the honorees are Robert Michael, Dean of the Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies; John Bailar, Professor Emeritus in Health Studies; Stephen Berry, the James Franck Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in Chemistry; Norman Bradburn, the Tiffany and Margaret Blake Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in Psychology and the Harris School; Zalman Usiskin, Professor in Education and Director of the University School Mathematics Project; and Robert Adams, Research Associate in Anthropology.

    The faculty members provided their expertise pro bono to the National Academies, which advises government and the public on science, technology and health issues.