Jan. 10, 2002
Vol. 21 No. 7

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    Lexington parking lot to provide 20 visitor spaces

    Twenty new visitor parking spaces near the Main Quadrangle will be become available Monday, Jan. 14, when Facilities Services actuates a new area in the Lexington parking lot on University Avenue, just north of 59th Street.

    The new spaces in the Lexington lot will operate using the technology called Pay and Display. When visitors enter the lot, they will insert enough money to pay for the amount of time they expect to park.

    The parking rates are $4 per hour “to encourage turnover, since this lot is the most convenient to the center of campus,” said Meredith Mack, Associate Vice President for Facilities Services. The maximum fee is $16.

    After payment, visitors will be issued a receipt, which must be displayed on the dashboard of the parked vehicle. Failure to display the receipt or parking beyond the allotted time will result in a parking citation and possible towing of the vehicle in violation.

    Parking also is available in the parking structure at 55th Street and Ellis Avenue, where 80 visitor spaces are available.