Aug. 16, 2001
Vol. 20 No. 20

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    University, Argonne partnership to showcase promising high-tech research

    By Steve Koppes
    News Office

    The University and Argonne National Laboratory will conduct quarterly Chicago Technology Forums to showcase promising high-tech research at local universities and research centers and help spark collaborations with the business community. President Randel made the announcement at a Wednesday, Aug. 1 press conference in support of Mayor Daley’s New Economy Growth Strategy for Chicagoland.

    Through the forum, the University seeks to promote local economic growth by leveraging research on technological development to improve commercialization in the Chicago business community.

    “The University and Argonne National Laboratory are committed to generating new ideas. We also are committed to engaging with business, investment and civic leaders who can translate new ideas into new businesses,” Randel said. “This means bringing multiple University resources to bear on technology development, including leading science research centers on campus, the extensive programs and facilities of Argonne, and the expertise and research of our professional schools, notably the Graduate School of Business. We are confident that working with Gov. Ryan and Mayor Daley, we can help move the region forward with this exciting project.”

    Hermann Grunder, Director of Argonne National Laboratory; Edward Snyder, Dean of Graduate School of Business; and Robert Zimmer, Vice President for Research and Argonne National Laboratory, will host the forum.

    The invitation-only Technology Forum will convene in October, January, April and June at the University’s Gleacher Center, 450 N. Cityfront Plaza Drive. Details of the first meeting will be forthcoming.

    Presentations will include reports about laboratory advances and technological change, presentations from local start-ups and new research results on entrepreneurship, business and venture investing.

    “The universities and national laboratories are uniquely capable of performing long-term research across an expanse of disciplines that transforms the way technological entrepreneurs do business,” Randel said. “We expect this research to continue and to contribute even more to a vigorous local market that supports new business creation.”

    The University operates Argonne for the U.S. Department of Energy. The two organizations together comprise the largest research enterprise in the Midwest. Together the University and Argonne conduct more than $700 million in sponsored research. They have licensed more than 150 technologies to the private sector, and entrepreneurs have created more than two dozen companies that are based on licensed technologies developed at the University and Argonne.