June 7, 2001
Vol. 20 No. 18

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    Students in the College receive annual leadership awards for service to campus community

    Each spring, the University and the College honor a select number of student leaders for their contributions to the campus community.

    Students receive leadership and service awards for contributions to any part of campus life, including student organizations, intercollegiate athletics, house governments, orientation programs, community service, campus arts organizations and graduate activities.

    This year’s winners, who were selected by a committee made up of various campus administrators, were recognized at the 45th annual College Honors Assembly and the University Community Service Center Volunteer Recognition Reception.

    Howell Murray Alumni Association Medal

    One of the College’s highest honors, the Howell Murray Alumni Association Medal recognizes graduating students who have made outstanding contributions to the University through a range of co-curricular activities. The recipients of the awards are: Nima Bassiri, Edgar Boles III, Katrina Emmons, Kamilah Foreman, Deshay Gould, Vandana Grover, Andrew Hong, Kristofer Jones, Rachel Knipe, Maria Meginnes, Jessica Post, Rachel Prager, Lucia Medina and Alvin Quinones.

    Herbert J. Morris Memorial Prize

    The Herbert J. Morris Memorial Prize recognizes a graduating student who has made significant contributions in a single co-curricular endeavor. The recipient of the prize is Charles Gabriel Rhoads.

    Jane Morton and Henry C. Murphy Award

    The Jane Morton and Henry C. Murphy Award recognizes up to three undergraduate or graduate student leaders in good academic standing who have made exceptional and unique contributions to the University community. The winners of the awards are Anne Pizzi, Jeremy Posadas and Matthew Schernecke.

    College New Leader Award

    The College New Leader Award honors up to two first- or second-year students who have demonstrated leadership promise through their contributions to student life and student organizations. The recipients of the awards are Clare Buckley and Emilee Lales.

    Perry Herst Prize

    The Perry Herst Prize recognizes two graduating College students who have combined study with social responsibility. The winners of the awards are David Jachym and Anne Newman.

    President’s Volunteer Service Award

    The President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes two undergraduate or graduate student volunteers who have demonstrated a superior commitment to service in the greater community during the past academic year. The recipients of the awards are Eleanor Roos and Sarah Zablotny.

    Maroon Key Society

    As members of the College’s honorary society, second- or third-year students in the Maroon Key Society serve as advisers to the Dean of the College and the Dean of Students in the College. Members are especially active in co-curricular activities and have strong academic records. The new members are: Elizabeth Carger, Michael Coffey, Joshua Decker, Megan Driscoll, Bryson Engelen, Akinsola Fafunso, Rosendo Garza, Scott Grabarski, Burcu Kazazoglu, Usman Khan, Emilee Lales, Frances Lim, Katherine Lumpkin, Ian Marlier, Daniel McCormick, Clarisse Mesa, Katie Miller, Christine Minerva, Rebecca Noack, Jeremy Posadas, Avisheh Riahi, Nicholas Robinson, Sydney Schwartz, Yu Shen, Laura Simon, Laneka Thomas, Nicholas Ting, Swarna Vallurupalli, Anna Wipplinger, Rebecca Wu and Sarah Zablotny.