June 7, 2001
Vol. 20 No. 18

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    I-House renovated kitchen will ‘foster community’

    By Peter Schuler
    News Office

    As part of continuing improvements at International House, there will be a new community kitchen for residents and guests. It will be located in space once used for a cafeteria kitchen and will replace the existing community kitchen. The Interim Board of Governors of I-House had unanimously recommended that the relocation and expansion of the community kitchen be considered an emergency.

    Henry Pernet, Director of International House, explained, “The current kitchen is too small for our residents now and will be totally inadequate when our occupancy rises back into the 400-resident range. The Residents’ Council has been instrumental in this project.”

    Contributions to the Save I-House fund and a loan from the University will pay for construction and new food service equipment. The plan utilizes existing equipment wherever possible.

    “Cooking together before eating together fosters community, understanding and friendship,” said Pernet. “This new community kitchen will play a significant part in fulfilling I-House’s mission.”

    The new kitchen is the latest in continuing efforts to upgrade and enhance International House. Since December 2000, I-House has been upgraded with a new fire alarm system and other fire-code work, gutter repairs, new carpets in corridors and the library, new shower stalls, redecoration of 120 rooms and the guest suite, reupholstering of the Home Room furniture, replacement of furniture in the courtyard, and new drapes in the Map Room.