March 29, 2001
Vol. 20 No. 13

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    APS’ Moncton to now advise Argonne’s lab director

    David Moncton, Associate Laboratory Director for the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory, has been appointed as Senior Scientist and Adviser to Argonne Director Hermann Grunder.

    Moncton will lead the research effort for Argonne’s Fourth-Generation Initiative, which may lead to a light source many times more powerful than the APS.

    Fourth-generation synchrotron radiation X-ray sources will be based on free-electron lasers capable of producing hard X-rays–those with the highest energy and most penetrating power–with a peak brilliance billions of times greater than currently available anywhere in the world.

    The APS accelerator research program achieved a crucial experimental milestone toward realization of an X-ray laser facility earlier this year.

    “The diligence, intelligence and focus of Dr. Moncton and his staff at the APS combined to create a facility that has greatly exceeded expectations,” said Grunder. “Dr. Moncton has the ability, experience and scientific pre-eminence to lead the laboratory’s research effort in this exciting new area, while also resuming his own X-ray research program.”

    In addition to his duties as Associate Laboratory Director, Moncton recently completed a two-year assignment as executive director of the Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

    Moncton began dividing his time between Oak Ridge and Argonne in February 1999 with a mandate to prepare the $1.4 billion SNS project for construction. He assembled a management team, established a technical baseline for the project and guided the six-laboratory partnership to put the SNS project on track and open it on time and on budget.

    In December 2000, workers began foundation work for the project’s facilities.

    Moncton will retain his current position until a search committee can identify a successor.