Nov. 30, 2000
Vol. 20 No. 6

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    Students produce annual guide

    Jennifer Leovy
    News Office


    For the past seven years, students in the College have written and produced “A Woman’s Guide to the University of Chicago.”

    First distributed in 1994 to every woman at the University, the guide is now sent to every new female student each fall. The Office of the Dean of Students sponsors the project.

    Liz Jevitts, a fourth-year concentrator in biochemistry and the guide’s senior editor, said that while the publication is reviewed for accuracy by faculty and staff, this year the group is actively seeking input for new and innovative content. “There are about 10 students who work on the book, which takes about a year to produce. This winter we will be finalizing the content for next fall’s publication,” said Jevitts. “We cover topics women don’t necessarily anticipate having to ask questions about and provide information about resources available on campus.”

    The publication can be viewed online at http://wguide.uchicago.edu.

    Jevitts also encourages faculty and staff to use the guide as a resource.