Nov. 16, 2000
Vol. 20 No. 5

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    Fathom opens Web site

    Fathom, a Web site initiated at Columbia University to provide “authenticated knowledge and education” and a project the University joined last spring, is expected to open its Web site this week at http://www.preview.fathom.com/.

    According to Robert Zimmer, Deputy Provost, after extensive discussions, the University joined Fathom in order to provide the faculty “an attractive vehicle for disseminating some of their work in a new medium.” This work could range from text of papers to lectures, which could be transmitted in video over the Web.

    The partnership with Fathom is another of several steps the University has taken to move forward in the area of new information technology, including UNext.com, which operates the online Cardean University. Blackboard, an Internet-based course-management system at http://chalk.uchicago.edu/, is another.

    Created in association with some of the world’s leading academic and cultural institutions, Fathom’s goal is to project their intellectual resources and to become a trusted source of quality, online education for Internet users worldwide.

    All content on Fathom is attributed to the faculty or professional staff of the participating institution and already includes multimedia lectures, seminars, databases, publications and performances on a wide variety of subjects.

    Those interested in further details about the partnership or how to disseminate content through Fathom should contact Stephen Gabel, Assistant Provost.