Sept. 21, 2000
Vol. 20 No. 1

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    University enters new four-year contract with members of Teamsters Union

    By Peter Schuler
    News Office

    A four-year labor contract signed between the University and the Teamsters Union includes a Pilot-Credentialing Program designed to mentor, coach and train employees for promotional opportunities on campus.

    Members of Local 743 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters include the University’s clerical workers, service and maintenance workers and animal care specialists.
    Louise Sullivan, a representative of the Teamsters Union (seated), signs a four-year labor contract between the University and the union while Arthur Sussman, General Counsel in Administration, (left to right, standing) President Randel and union representatives witness the signing.

    The Credentialing Program will be offered first to clerical workers and will be implemented during the second year of the agreement. A clerical employee seeking advancement will work with the University’s Human Resources staff to establish a “credentialed bid file” that demonstrates his or her competency to perform in selected positions.

    The file will contain an updated resume, career profile, test scores, documentation of relevant training at the University and elsewhere and letters of reference. Clerical employees also may enhance their opportunities by taking advantage of workshops on networking, interviewing and resumé preparation.

    The bid file is intended to provide a supervisor with a comprehensive profile of the job seeker that will be prescreened for promotion opportunities and the hiring supervisor can better focus on a candidate’s suitability to fill their specific opening. Among the program’s goals are the retention of valued employees, better opportunities for career advancement, improved workplace morale, and a reduction in the number of vacant clerical positions.

    For further information about this program, contact Fay Guy at 702-6759.