Sept. 21, 2000
Vol. 20 No. 1

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    Down to earth

    Poised for a century atop Cobb Gate, a proud gargoyle finally flew from his perch to rest temporarily on the sidewalk below. Assisted by a construction crane, the more than 3,000-pound limestone creature, along with the junior gargoyles that normally climb the southeastern corner of the gate, traveled safely to and from the ground earlier this month. Michael Luczak of Berglund Maintenance Co. helped move the weighty grotesques because the archway needed interior brick and mortar repair–a measure that permanently stabilized the settled arch. The stone floor underneath the arch also was replaced earlier this year with dense bluestone that should handle the wear and tear of University pedestrians for years to come. Henry Ives Cobb designed the 100-year-old gate, which was his gift to the University and the last work he designed for the campus.