Sept. 21, 2000
Vol. 20 No. 1

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    Trustees reviewing the proposed designs for new Main Quadrangle entrance

    By Jennifer Leovy
    News Office

    As design plans develop for a new, formal entrance to the Main Quadrangle at University Avenue and 58th Street, lunchtime picnickers and Frisbee throwers continue to dot the grassy lawn, which eventually will be enhanced by landscaping and lighting.

    After reviewing architectural plans for the entrance in June, the Board of Trustees requested additional information, including models of the design. Landscape architect Alistair McIntosh from Sasaki Associates Inc. created the design based on feedback from a series of student, staff and faculty discussions last spring.

    “We thought the rendering was exceptional. We also recognize that this entrance will be an important physical symbol of the University for generations to come,” said Andy Rosenfield, University Trustee and Chair of the Campus Planning and Neighborhood Committee.

    “Because we didn’t have an exact sense of how the entrance would look with the surrounding buildings, we all agreed it was worthwhile to spend a little more time on this to get it just right.”

    Models of the entrance have been built and will be presented to the board at its next meeting on Thursday, Nov. 2.

    The design includes a planted border with a series of pedestrian openings from University Avenue.

    Additional design elements include trees or decorative stone columns that punctuate the major passageway into the quadrangles at 58th Street and University Avenue.

    The board will review the proposed materials, including the design of the stone piers, paving material and plantings.

    “When we receive approval from the board, we will plan a schedule for construction, which probably will take place during the summer or fall 2001,” said Meredith Mack, Director of Facilities Services. Mack said that because major work of the design involves planting, construction must take place during planting seasons.