June 8, 2000
Vol. 19 No. 18

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    An artistic reflection
    Members of Kerfernenot, an organization of artists on campus, envisioned and installed a public sculpture that graced the sidewalk in front of Cobb Hall on the Main Quadrangle. From campus police to student artists, more than 50 people contributed to the work, titled “Extended Triangles Reflecting.” Simon Miller, a third-year and lead artist of the project, described the work as a reflecting sculpture that “respects the pre-existing flow of motion (around Cobb Hall) while reshaping it, compromising itself with the people who own the space.” The sculpture, which Miller also described as Gothic, was funded by generous donations from the University Women’s Board and General Studies in the Humanities. The Renaissance Society donated the Plexiglas. According to Miller, one of the most pleasant aspects of the process was the warm reception he received from everyone at the University who made the installation possible. “Everyone I approached basically assumed this was a good idea,” he said.