June 8, 2000
Vol. 19 No. 18

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    Graduate, undergraduate students receive academic awards

    University graduate students and students in the College once again have been awarded a variety of prestigious academic grants, scholarships and fellowships.

    Longtime leaders in garnering Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowships, University graduate students have taken 12 of the 2000-2001 awards given annually by the Department of Education.

    The following graduate students will receive the fellowships: Lori Allen, Allison Busch, Alan Durston, Mark Koops Elson, Nicole Hansen, Steven Harris, Sooyong Kim, Shoji Konishi, Winston Chwan Kyan, Aditya Sood, Kara Stanek and Jun Yoo.

    Chicago graduate students also won the following:

    American Association of University Women Dissertation Fellowships went to Dawn Belt-Davis, Rachel Collin, Rachel Lindheim, Rowan Lockwood, Anne Lorimer, Evelyn Ramos and Meredith Ray.

    The American Council of Learned Societies awarded Kim Gareiss, and an American Institute for Maghribi Studies Research Fellowship was presented to Richard Jankowsky.

    American Institute of Indian Studies Fellowships were given to Jayson McKenzie Beaster-Jones, Mark Koops Elson, James Jones, Ernst Long Kirchner and Kara Stanek.

    A Blakemore Foundation Grant went to Kyla Kingman Brundage, and a Bourse Chateaubriand Fellowship was awarded to Donald Chae.

    Council for Advanced Studies in Peace and International Cooperation Research Fellowships went to Nadya Engler, Hyung-Min Joo, Tong Lam, Kathleen Bolling Lowrey, Robert McLaughlin, Daniel Monterescu, Vyjayanthi Venuturupalli Rao and Lynn Tesser.

    CASPIC Summer Research Travel Awards were presented to Susan Chlebove, Sean Forner, Andrew Gilbert, Kelly Gillespie, Andrew Graan, Karrin Hanshew, Kareem Kysia and Jennifer Rubenstein.

    CGMF/ANC awards went to Frederik Jonsson and Rochdi Younsi and DAAD University of Chicago/German Academic Exchange Service awards to Milena Armsby Benes and Andrew Oppenheimer.

    A DAAD University of Chicago/Summer Language Grant went to Adam Talaber, and the Ecole de Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales Exchange Program awarded Daniel Doneson.

    A Josephine deKarman Fellowship went to Anne-Maria Boitumelo Makhulu, and a Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship was awarded to Enrique Rodriguez.

    Foreign Language Enhancement Program Fellowships were awarded to Sareeta Bipin Amrute, Vicki Brennan, Anne Broadbridge, Nicole Castor, Susanne Cohen, Carmen Fernandez, Jessica Greenberg, Genevieve Lakier, John Merchant, Elizabeth Perez and Andrew Sloin.

    Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships for the academic year went to Gopal Balachandran, Rena Barakat, Kristin Bloomer, Brian Brazeal, Richard Burden, Susan Chlebove, Julie Christ, Elizabeth Cooper, Whitney Cox, David Kaiser, Bertie Kibreah, Omar Kutty, Brian LaPierre, William LaRiche, Stephen Mannos, Sean Mitchell, Viren Murthy, Andrew Nicholson, Ajay Rao, Clare Sammells, Stephen Scott, Farkondeh Shayesteh, Laura Soikkeli, Robert Stolz and Katherine Strange.

    Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships for summer went to Sareeta Bipin Amrute, Gopal Balachandran, Christopher Ball, Kristin Bloomer, Erik Brodnax, Maria Clewes Garrett, Joan Giblin, Jessica Greenberg, Patrick Hajovsky, Alison Kohn, Genevieve Lakier, Kevin Lawrence, Andrew Nicholson, John Osburg, Albert Park, Pedram Partovi, Melinda Pilling, Guriqbal Sahota and Stephen Scott.

    The Franke Institute for the Humanities Fellowships were awarded to Anne Eaton, John Huss, John Kulvicki and William Stull.

    Francois Furet Travel Grants were given to Ingeborg Brantz, Mayanthi Fernando and James Mathien.

    A German Marshall Fund Predissertation Research Award was presented to Kenneth McGill.

    Harper Dissertation Fellowships were awarded to Amy Downing, Patrick Eisenlohr, Nobuhiro Furuyama, Rowan Lockwood, Yasuko Sato and Richard Weiss.

    A Humboldt Foundation Budeskanzler Fellowship for Research Abroad went to Ryan Minor, and the Illinois Consortium for Equal Opportunity Program awarded Maria Veronica del Pino and Jay McKay Williams.

    A Javits Fellowship went to Krista Van Fleit.

    The Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund awarded Anne Broadbridge and Stephen Hibbard, and a Markovitz Dissertation Fellowship went to Miklos Voros.

    The 2000 Daniel I. Leifer Fellowship for Social Justice in Israel went to Alejandro Paz.

    Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Dissertation-Year Fellowships were awarded to Paula Amad, Kavita Daiya, Hilary Justice and Shaleane Gee in English; Matthew Altman, Eric Schliesser and George Streeter in philosophy; Katsuya Hirano, Anthony Perron, Michael Provence, Nicholas Yablon and Hayrettin Yucesoy in history; and Yuan Bai, Jin-Wook Choi, Jacob Ezra Gersen, Hyeong-Ki Kwon, Nancy Scherer, Alexander Sackett Thompson, Christina Tarnopolsky and Yuan-Kang Wang in political science.

    The Andrew W. Mellon National Gallery of Art awarded Hajime Nakatani.

    Mellon Graduate Achievement Fellowships were awarded to Nicholas Dempsey, Trevor Goldsmith, Michael Kaufman and Tanya Maus.

    A Monbusho Scholarship was given to Patti Hatsue Kameya.

    The National Security Education Program awarded Shana Fruehan.

    National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships went to Eric Althoff, Courtney Babbitt, Christina Bentz, Mayanthi Fernando, Maria Clewes Garrett, Justin Jureller, Christopher Malon and Trina Roberts.

    NSF Dissertation Improvement Awards were given to Alan Durston, Jeffrey Mantz, Daniel Blyn Noveck, Shankar Ramaswami and Mateo Taussig-Rubbo.

    Charlotte W. Newcombe Dissertation Fellowships were awarded to Catherine Cole, Sandra Collins, Paul Erickson (A.B., ’92) and Benedict Robinson (A.B., ’94).

    Overseas Dissertation Research Grants went to Michael Eastwood, Cora Goldstein, Kathleen Lowrey, Edward Swenson and Sian Thomas.

    Province de Quebec Fonds Pour la Formation de Chercheurs et L’Aide A Recherche awarded Catherine Saucier.

    The SAIS Hopkins-Nanjing Program awarded John Osburg.

    Searle Dissertation Fellowships were awarded to Amy Susan Abramson, Eleonora Bartoli, Heather Lindkvist, Stephen Meyer, Kirby Schroeder and Jerffrey Timberlake.

    Bernard Smaller Prizes went to Hilary Dorr, Daniel Mueth and Scott Nagle.

    A Smithsonian Institution Predoctoral Fellowship was awarded to Frank Bechter.

    Christopher Swanson was awarded by the Spencer Foundation.

    Social Science Research Council Fellowships were given to Lori Allen, Joseph Doyle, Wendy Edelberg, Lorens Helmchen and Todd West Rawls.

    A Swarthmore College Dissertation Fellowship went to Michelle Hermann.

    USIA/IIE Fulbright Scholarships went to Michael Cepek, Kenneth Garden, Jonathan Gumz, Daniel Blyn Noveck, Krista Lewis Schilmoeller and Kara Stanek.

    The Union League Civic and Arts Foundation awarded Susanne Sorkin.

    Wenner-Gren Foundation awards went to Melinda Carter, Jeffrey Mantz, Daniel Blyn Noveck, Jennifer Jailey Philpot and Daniel Suslak.

    Whiting Fellowships were awarded to Joshua Holo, Sameera Iyengar, Adam Jolles, Shari Lowin, Judith Pfeiffer, Emily Shelton, Mary Trull and Gail Viechnicki.

    Many students in the College also received academic awards.

    The following students were awarded Goldwater Scholarships: Sami Amasha, Rachel Bortnick, Philip Leonard and William Lopes.

    Hispanic Scholarship Fund Awards were presented to Angela Hernandez and Lucia Medina.

    The winner of this year’s Institute for International Public Policy Fellowship was Maria Rodriguez.

    Javits Fellowships were awarded to Nicole Arendt and Leah Brooks.

    Medical Scientist Training Program Fellowships were awarded to Gaorav Gupta, Ali Javaheri and Daniel Kao.

    This year, Mai Tu Dang will participate in the Medical Scholars Program.

    Recipients of Mellon Fellowships in the Humanities were Lara Cohen, Kiri Miller, Mariner Padwa and Amanda Walling.

    National Science Foundation Fellowships were awarded to the following students: Curtis Adams, Eric Althoff, Nicole Arendt, Luke Barron, Jeremiah Busch, Rebecca Hufft, Christopher Malon, Nevin Weinberg and Bethana Zelano.

    This year’s recipient of the Patrick Stewart Human Rights Scholarship was Emily Chang.

    The winner of the Ignacio Martin-Baro Human Rights Essay Prize was Tanja Bubbel.

    The Gaylord Donnelley University of Chicago/Cambridge University Exchange Scholarship was awarded to Jenny Linniola.

    The Daniel I. Leifer Fellowship for Social Justice in Israel was given to Rebecca Stoil.

    The Dorot Foundation Travel Grants for summer study in Israel were awarded to Laura Culbertson, Jacob Haar, Elizabeth Lynette, Daniel Pepper and Jeremy Taub.

    Mellon Minority Undergraduate Fellowships were presented to Jeffery Gautheir, Julio Guerrero, Angela Hernandez, Christopher Loperena and Lucia Medina.

    The Square D-CGMF Travel Grant for summer study or research in France was awarded to Alison Kennedy.

    Foreign Language Acquisition Grants were awarded to Richard Abisla, Kevin Anzzolin, Albert Arbogast, Valena Beety, Elizabeth Bellis, Elizabeth Bergner, Emily Bernstein, Lea Bishop, Christopher Brown, Travis Carter, Asmaa Cheema, J. Fostin Cotchen, Neha Desai, Mennatallah Eltaki, Benjamin Estep, Grace Fabian, Anne Flannery, Timothy Frawley, Amanda Grossman, Ritija Gupta, Jacob Haar, Yang He, Cheng Ho, Beth Hood, Yazan Joudeh, Douglas Kellum, Anne King, Jessica Kirstein, Josef Klazen, Katherine Knuth, Nayoung Lee, Yuh Ling, Erika Low, Rebekah Lusk, Elizabeth Lynette, Mariah MacDonald, Talia Magnas, Luis Martos, Erin C. McDonald, Elizabeth McGee, Sarah McKinley, Blaise Misztal, Jamal Mohammad, Katherine Oiconner, Michelle Oliva, Robbin Orlansky, Blake Pelzer, Esther Peters, Alander Pile, Jolene Pinder, Hannah Pittard, Javeria Qureshi, Avital Rabin, Helen Rehn, Alexander Samuels, Adrianne Seely, Millie Shin, Sabrina Sholts, Jeremy Taub, Nicholas Thacker, Ashley Tikkanen, Benjamin Traaster, Sarah Truelsch, Arseny Tseytlin, Matthew Wood, David Wu, Xia Xu, Timothy Yatko, Sarah Zablotny, Renzo Zanelli, Yang Zhou and Jaclyn Zires.

    Student Leadership and Service Awards