May 11, 2000
Vol. 19 No. 16

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    Von Ellefson, choir members travel to New York to perform at Carnegie

    Randi Von Ellefson, Senior Lecturer in Music and Director of Choral Activities, traveled to New York with 18 members of the University Chorus and the Motet Choir for a performance last month at Carnegie Hall.

    Von Ellefson led a chorus of 180 singers from various ensembles across the United States and conducted the New England Chamber Orchestra in a performance of Durufle Requiem.

    Accompanying Von Ellefson to New York were Motet Choir members Stephanie Couzin, Tanying Dong, Justin Flosi, Charles Hamilton, Ali Javaheri, Laura Koepke, Ryan Raimo, Chris Romer, Laura Simon and Kathleeya Stang. University Chorus members who performed were Diane Herrmann, Stephen Hsu, Saul Hymes, Michelle McCormick, Sarah Oaks, Luanne Redmond, Carol Saller, Kristin Sundbeck and Arlene Zide.

    Von Ellefson also recently visited New Delhi, India, where he conducted choirs from the American and international schools of New Delhi, Katmandu, Islamabad, Karachi and Dakha in the South Asian Independent School Association Music Festival.

    It was the first time the schools invited an American to conduct the festival, which was held at the American Embassy School in New Delhi.