May 11, 2000
Vol. 19 No. 16

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    [] by lloyd degraneMoving volumes

    Changes at the Joseph Regenstein Library began last week as employees of Connecticut-based William B. Meyer Inc. started the task of moving 1million volumes to new compact shelving at the library. Approximately 30 staff members and four supervisors are working on the project and plan to complete the move by Friday, May 26. William B. Meyer Inc. also will rearrange the upper stack floors, which house 2.5 million volumes, to allow for the collections’ growth. According to Jim Vaughan, Assistant Director for Access & Facilities for the Library, Meyer is expected to complete this work by the end of July. Following Meyer’s work, library staff members will then spend six weeks moving selected materials from Harper storage and the Regenstein reading rooms into the newly configured book stacks.