April 13, 2000
Vol. 19 No. 14

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    In the News

    The Chronicle’s biweekly column In the News offers a digest of commentary and quotations by a few of the University faculty members, students and alumni who have been headlining the news in recent weeks. Chicago faculty members are some of the most frequently quoted experts; however, space does not allow the Chronicle to print all of the quoted material published or interviews broadcast by media outlets within a two-week period.

    The University’s Midway Plaisance master plan was announced in two front-page articles published by the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune Saturday, April 8, and was featured again in the Sunday, April 9 edition of the Sun-Times. The stories unveiled the Chicago Park District and the University’s plans for the Midway. (See story, Page 1).

    Martha Roth, Professor in the Oriental Institute and Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations and Editor in Charge of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary, was featured in a story about the dictionary’s history along with Matthew Stolper, Professor in Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations. Published by The Reader, the story explored the historical figures involved in the project throughout the years, including Robert Francis Harper and James Henry Breasted. The project is an attempt––begun in 1921 by Breasted––to completely document every word of the Akkadian language. Once completed, the CAD will have 26 volumes.

    Douglas MacAyeal, Professor in Geophysical Sciences, was quoted in a Friday, March 24 Chicago Tribune story about the latest and largest iceberg calved in Antarctica––the B15. MacAyeal, who uses computers to project the birth and movement of icebergs, has been studying a particular crack in Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf for nearly five years, anticipating a break-off.

    The David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art’s current exhibit of artwork by Native-American artist Silver Horn (See story, Page 4), which recorded Kiowa history and culture, was featured as a Critic’s Choice in the Sunday, April 9 issue of the Chicago Tribune.

    Linda Waite, Professor in Sociology, was quoted in a story published in the May issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. The story focused on children’s lack of basic domestic skills, such as cooking, cleaning, sewing or organizing a household. Waite also was interviewed for a story about middle-aged baby boomers, which was published in the April 3 issue of Newsweek magazine.

    Allen Sanderson, Senior Researcher at the National Opinion Research Center and a Senior Lecturer in Economics, was quoted by the Chicago Tribune in a Wednesday, April 5 story about a report on his study of the record number of Ph.D. degrees being earned by women.

    A story about the work of the Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship––a partnership of the Institute for Justice based in Washington, D.C., and the University Law School––was described in an article published Sunday, April 2, in the Chicago Sun-Times. University law students Brian Lee and Madhu Goel and Patricia Lee, Lecturer in the Law School and Director of the Institute for Justice, appeared in an accompanying photograph. The Institute for Justice provides legal advice to small business owners.

    Doug Wood, Senior Research Scientist in Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology and the founding Director of Fusion Performance Group at the University, was quoted in a Friday, April 7 Chicago Tribune story that promoted Fusion 2000, a performance by the group that took place Saturday, April 8, in Mandel Hall.

    Fourth-year student Cinnamon Pace, whose concentration is biology, was featured in a story published by the Hyde Park Herald on Sunday, March 26. The story emphasized Pace’s champion soccer playing. At the end of the 1999 season, Pace was named to the Division III All-Central Region team for the second time. She also was named in 1998 to the All-America third team and the All-Central Region and All-University Athletic Association first teams. Amy Reifert, Assistant Professor in Physical Education & Athletics and Pace’s coach, was quoted in the story. “She could have played Division I, no question. But she came here because she has her priorities in place, and the school provided equally strong academic and athletic programs,” said Reifert.